Guest Performers


The following musicians have, at one time or another, been guest performers with
Guisborough Choral Society (GCS), either as soloists, or as part of an ensemble.

Alice Dix Heather Burns
Rachael Dyson Isobel Chesman
Charlotte Potter  
Emily Smith  
Tenor Bass
Michael Bradley D'arcy Bleiker
Paul Burt Luke Busbridge
Austin Gunn Ben Noble
Alistair McCubbin  
David Pisaro  
Gabrielle Caswell Flute
Victoria Wilson Flute
Sharon Clatworthy Bassoon
Philip Cull Oboe
Sally Geldard Clarinet
John Kendrick Clarinet
David Jones Bassoon
Fiona Staite Bassoon
Sharon Wright Bassoon
Mike Davidson Horn
Alison Potter Horn
Peter Chester Trombone
Stuart Gray Trombone
Colin Pearson Trumpet
Andy Thompson Trumpet
Timpany & Percussion / Other
Andrew Christer Organ
Steve Moxson Organ
Paul Cowley Timpany
Sarah Paterson Harp
Bruce Caswell Violin
Clare Gale Violin
Peter Gulbis Violin
Claire Hall Violin
Dan Hands Violin
Judith Thompson Violin
Helen Kirk Violin/Piano
Joanne McKenna Violin
Geraldine Murray Violin
Sarah Wood Violin
Andrew Lindley Viola
Rebecca Lindley Viola
Alison Gulbis Cello
Linda Perry Cello
Neil Sild Cello
John Stead Cello
Andy Devine Double Bass
Linda McCleave Double Bass
Guisborough Salvation Army Band Brass Band
Kildale Quartet Instrumental Quartet
Lockwood Brass Brass Band





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